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emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren
emergency flashlight with siren

SOS Distress Signal Flashlight with Cranking Radio for Outdoor SOS Siren

Model NO.
USD 10.35-13.45 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
500 pieces
Supply Ability:
50000 pieces / Day
Country of Origin:

🔦[Multi-function]-Camping light has many different modes: low/high mode flashlight and lantern and two red light modes (steady and strobe red light), 360° super light lantern flashlight. The rechargeable lantern-style flashlight reduces the burden on the journey and saves money. This is a 800 lumens rechargeable flashlight, sos distress signal flashlight can bring you enough brightness for darkness, power outages, hurricanes and emergencies.

🔦[Convenient charging and 1000mAh mobile power supply]-Camping flashlight 2 built-in 18650 lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable 1000mAh lantern flashlight can be used as a mobile power source to charge Android, ios and other smart devices. When traveling with a camping flashlight lantern, there is no need to worry about losing important calls and information.
[Waterproof and drip-proof]-The waterproof function of sos distress signal flashlight with siren can withstand rain in all directions. The compact structure design of military-grade materials has passed more than 1,000 drop tests and remains undamaged, so the flashlight can survive hurricane rain, tornadoes and earthquakes Effective tool.
🔦[Two-way hook and grappling hook]-LED camping lights have handles and two-way hooks, which can be used for hiking or hanging from tree branches, car roofs or tents for lighting, and you can also ask for help in an emergency.

We supply sos distress signal flashlight, emergency multifunction flashlight and emergency flashlight with siren for different application scenarios. As a supplier, our company will offer you a bargain price. Contact us now!

emergency multifunction flashlight manufactured

Working Principle

This product adopts the principle of cranking for power generation. Cranking the handle to drive the generator to generate alternating current by professional designed driving gear. Then changing the alternating current into DC after commutating and voltage stabilizing which to charge its built-in battery.
Rotating handle design, this product can be used as camping lantern and spotlight.

Function & Feature

1. High brightness 3 LEDs for spotlight, 10 straw-hat lights and 5 red flash lights for camping lantern.

2. Cranking for power generation

3. Charge the product with external 5 V power source.

4. Cranking for power to charge mobile phone or digital products.

5. Rotating Dual purpose handle design.

6. With hanging handle and USB cable storage box.

7. Perfect combination of the light weight and high efficiency. Low noise and long lifespan.



1. Don’t point at eyes directly so as not to hurt the eyes.

2. Pay attention to the holding gesture when cranking which can protect your finger and nail from hurting. Keep rotating steadily.

3. In order to assure the using life of the battery and the mechanical parts, please pay attention to the instructions below:

a) Do not crank it for more than 5 minutes when the power of the battery is enough (lighting normally) and less than 10 minutes when it runs out of power.

b) When the light is dim, it means the battery is lack of power badly, please turn off the light or crank it for a while.

c) Cranking it as even as possible (keep rotating steadily). Too slowly cranking would make current weak and influence the charging effeciency, too violent cranking possibly damage the driving system.

d) In order to prolong the lifespan of the battery, you should crank it for at least one minute once a month.

4. Do not place this product in which temperature or humidity is high. Do not drop or hit this product.

5. Turn off the light when charging in order to enhance the efficiency of charging .

6. The product will be a little hot if cranking for a long time.

7. We do not give notice again if the parameter of this product changed.

8. We reserve the final right to interpret this product.

Operation Method

1. Lighting:

1). Switch models: Spotlight→ Lantern →Red Flash→ off.

2. Charging operation:

1). Charge its inside battery: hold the unit and crank the handle by the other hand at the speed of 3 circles per second to charge its inside battery. (Charge indicator will glow)

2). Charged by external power souce: plug in the 5V external power or connect computer via mini USB port to charge the product, the red indicator will glow while charging.

3). Cranking for power to charge digital products: charge mobile phone or other digital products via USB cable.

3. Rotating handle:

Hold and press the cylinder-shaped button on handle side and rotate the handle vertically. Then release the button fixed.

emergency flashlight with sirenemergency flashlight with sirenemergency flashlight with siren

emergency flashlight with siren

  • Warranty(Year):1-Year
  • Lighting solutions service:Lighting and circuitry design
  • Luminous Efficacy(lm/w):100
  • Place of Origin:CHINA(MAINLAND)
  • Brand Name:SORBO
  • Size:96*195mm
  • Weight:360 g
  • Specification of built-in battery:1000mAh, 3.7 V
  • Input voltage/current:5V/500mA
  • Frequency scope of AM:522-1620 KHz
  • Frequency scope of FM:88-108 MHz
  • Function:Spotlight;Camping lantern;SOS light;Mobile chargerFunction
  • Service:ODM;OEM
  • Radio working time after fully charged:10 hrs
  • Alarm time after 1 minute cranking:3 mins
  • Camping Equipment Dynamo Radio Flashlight
  • with Sos Alarm AM&FM
  • Product Description:

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