How to Use Mosquito Killer Lamp


1. Put the mosquito killer in an open space one meter high. When the environment is dark and static, the mosquito killer has the fastest mosquito killing speed and the best effect.

2. Use area: 50m²~ 60m² indoor, 100 m² outdoor. For the first use, it is best to choose to close the windows or screens and screens and turn off the lights when it is dark in the evening. People leave and concentrate mosquitoes for 2 to 3 hours. People stay indoors without stopping. . In summer or during mosquito activities, it can be used every day to eliminate mosquitoes that are not strictly leaked into doors and windows.

3. For offices and business places, you can turn on the mosquito and fly traps before turning off work in the evening, turn off the lights, and after overnight trapping, the indoor mosquitoes can be basically eliminated.

4. When cleaning the fly and mosquito killer lamp, be sure to cut off the power and discharge the high-voltage power grid with a screwdriver. When discharging, you must hold the screwdriver's insulation part to prevent electric shock.

5. When killing flies and mosquitoes, electric sparks are generated during work. Therefore, all places and places with a lot of dust and the possibility of flammability and explosion are strictly prohibited to avoid accidents.